Atlantic City Lawmakers To Consider Power Microgrid To Power Casinos

Atlantic City Lawmakers To Consider Power Microgrid To Power Casinos

Atlantic City Lawmakers To Consider Power Microgrid To Power Casinos

The possible degradation of the closed Trump Plaza in Atlantic City can result in the development of a special power grid that would provide electricity, heating and cooling during natural disasters to establishments including casinos around the Boardwalk Hall.

Introduced by Councillor Kaleem Shabaz, the proposal seeks to grant money for the setting up of a study to understand the feasibility. A microgrid delivers power and utilities for large establishments, such as hospitals or hotels within a small radius. The plan was suggested, even if the discussions about the fate of the Trump Plaza are underway.

The prospect of the property being demolished caused the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority to come up with alternative plans for the heating and the cooling of the Boardwalk Hall, since all the pipelines currently run through the Plaza. the Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian confirmed that the fate of the facility was still to be decided. Spread over 2.6 acres, the property has 614 rooms and a 60,000 square-foot casino, along with other facilities, such as restaurants, a showroom and a health club.

If the good is the same, the city will have to put in place fresh regulations for heating and cooling that can go to modify the route of the pipes. Mayor Guardian declared that such renewal offered the possibility to create a closed electrical grid that would connect properties, such as Bally’s Atlantic City, The Claridge hotel, Caesars Atlantic City, Boardwalk Hall, and AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center.

In a statement, Mayor Guardian said:

The question was could we close this (current) grid and add the hospital. If we could, in the event of an emergency such as a hurricane … instead of the evacuation of the island, we would be able to produce utility bills, heating and cooling to the home of about 20,000 people — all the hotels, Boardwalk Hall, plus the hospital

The casinos had to be shut down during the Hurricane Sandy against the state in 2012. The Mayor has further pointed out that while the first floors would still be vulnerable during an emergency such as a hurricane, one of the upper floors and the kitchen are usually remain functional.

the overhaul of the city’s energy infrastructure is one of the priorities listed in the city’s five year improvement plan, put forward by Atlantic City Electric officials. the Atlantic City Electric spokesman Frank Tedesco,, however, said that until now there were no plans to build a micro-grid in the area, and that he was not familiar with the new law.

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